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Mold Remediation in Carson City

A common mistake that a lot of home or building owners make is to assume that they can control and eradicate mold growth in their property. They resort to do it yourself processes such as rubbing it off with cloth or using bleach to remove it. In the process, they make the condition worse than before. What you want to do is to entrust the mold remediation Carson to Action 1 Restoration of Carson to prevent further potential damage. Our team of local contractors can inspect your property to properly appraise the needed amount of damage and repair.

Commercial and Residential

Mold issues in your home or in your business establishment is not something that you delay in addressing. Action 1 Restoration of Carson can act on this immediately to spare you from more mold damage that do not only destroy your property but also affect your health or business dealings.

Specialty Equipment

Our team uses tools and equipment which are especially selected and proven effective in identifying and addressing mold growth. We meticulously inspect the area to be able to apprise you of the extent of damage and advise you of the methods and the particular equipment we will use to resolve it.

Equipment We Use for Mold Removal

We only use specialized equipment in identifying the mold source to cleaning and drying up the moistened area. This includes HEPA filters that catch and remove mold spores that pass through normal filters. We make sure that our mold remediation work on your property will last for a long time.

Highly Trained Technicians

Only assign mold remediation to professionals like us who are knowledgeable of the processes and handling of equipment. You are assured that our team of experts understands and identifies your needs. We are an experienced and reputable mold remediation company that provides highly trained technicians to clients to deliver optimal results.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Carson City For Mold Removal!

Commercial & Residential

Moisture is the primary reason for mold growth. It occurs when the room in your home or business establishment does not receive adequate ventilation or insulation. Flooding due to a heavy rain or breakage of water pipes most especially in basements as well water used to put out a minor fire can all lead to mold growth. Molds can penetrate an area of your commercial establishment affecting your business operations. Prolonged exposure and massive mold growth in your home can affect your health. Our team of local contractors can first extract all visible water and those that seep on the flooring, dry wall, corners and other unnoticeable areas then proceed with the remediation.

Specialty Equipment

Never take shortcuts when it comes to cleaning molds. Action 1 Restoration Carson is properly equipped to do the job. We have specialty equipment used for inspection like personal protection equipment, flashlight, particle counter and other special devices to identify the damaged areas. We also use a handheld moisture meter in detecting the amount of moisture beneath surfaces like walls and floors. Moreover, we use infrared camera and borescope for visual inspection of hard to reach areas to detect molds. It may seem as if only a small portion is affected but a closer look will prove otherwise.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our team is comprised of experts in mold remediation Carson. Action 1 Restoration of Carson and of other nearby places is a reputable company that has been doing business for several years now. We explain to you the techniques we are going to use in killing the molds and only use the best and updated equipment for our services. Also, we see to it that precautions are taken to prevent mold spores from spreading out. Rest assured that you will receive quality property restoration from us.

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