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When looking for a water removal company, ask this question: Does the company give quick resolution. Too often, hasty decisions lead to wrong choices and delays in normalizing serious situations brought by water emergencies. Here at Action 1 Restoration of Sparks, we don’t give customers headaches with the prompt services we offer. One of the highest rated businesses in the city, Action 1 Restoration guarantees fast and efficient restoration of your business operations or normal activities in your home. When it comes to water damage issues, Action 1 Restoration Sparks is the best help you can turn to.

Commercial & Residential

We do water removal for both businesses and homes in Sparks. Action 1 Restoration has special arrangements for businesses in the city. Businesses are free to schedule our services in their most convenient time. Our services don’t interfere with normal working hours. Our home services are designed for families to recover normal life in their abodes. You will regain control of your house without the previous water hazards such as mold threats and dangerous air in no time.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services are designed to accommodate water problems occurring unexpectedly. There are teams assigned to go around the streets of Sparks. They wait for calls from the office to dispatch them to customers who are in need for quick help. You can contact the office even in an unholy hour.

Fast Response Times

We go for fast service. Our teams are on standby 24/7 with the goal of reaching your place quickly. Commercial spaces need quick remediation and restoration, as any delay translates to loss in profits and revenues. For homes, delays can result to health problems. Give us 2 hours to reach your place after your emergency call.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians undergo regular trainings and seminars. The purpose is to give them the latest procedures in water removal and extraction services. Trainings are either face-to-face or in the privacy of their homes. Customer service is an important part of their regular training. Please feel free to notify us of any misbehavior or any dealing that you think shows disrespect or conduct unbecoming of a professional serviceman.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Sparks For Water Extraction!

Commercial & Residential

Our quality services are extended to both residential and commercial establishments. Sparks has some of the busiest businesses in the country, so for commercial customers in the area, we have special arrangements with them. Action 1 Restoration will perform water removal jobs in their most convenient time. It is part of our duty to restore their workspaces within the period stated in the contract.

For homes, it is important that families can go back to their normal lives soon after a natural disaster or flooding. Restoring the structural integrity of their homes and making sure that they have clean air to breathe are foremost of our concerns.

Emergency Services

The technicians of Action 1 Restoration delight in helping people in emergencies. Don’t hesitate to call us for help even in the wee hours of the night. Our 24/7 teams can perform the following emergency services:

  • Free inspection and assessment
  • Flooding and plumbing
  • Walls and floors water extraction
  • Contents moving
  • Flooring material assessment
  • Air dehumidification and cleaning
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